Sunday 5 August 2007


by craig

The days with the least live shows are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And with my new job, yep, those are the days I have off. So sorry for this blog being devoid of entries recently, perhaps you can understand why.
But I discovered that Kiiiiiii are playing a show soon, on a Tuesday! They are playing with DJ Codomo, who the music in the video below is by, and who produced Kiiiiiii's new album with the excellent title, "AL & BUM." The show is the album launch party, and will be held at Club Quattro in Shibuya on the 21st of this month.
Also playing will be Gakuji Matsuda's punk-pop project, Cubismo Grafico Five. Why he kept the Cubismo Grafico name for this band, I'm not sure, because they are nothing alike.
Just to make sure the line-up seems as random as possible, psychedelic rock band Green Milk From The Planet Orange will also be playing, still insisting they are 'the new wave of progressive rock'. They are looking for a new bass player by the way, if anyone wants to join.
I don't know what to expect from Kiiiiiii's project TABOOOOOOO who will also be playing, but it's sure to be brilliant.
The details of the show can be found here.

The above video is by Onnacodomo, a very original VJ unit made up of DJ Codomo and friends. They basically just set up a handicam pointed down at a table, and place things in front of the camera . The images are projected on a screen. Hopefully, Onnacodomo will also appear along with DJ Codomo.

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