Thursday 18 July 2013

Fuji Rock Festival 2013 - Recommended Japanese artists

Here are some of my recommended Japanese artists to see at this year's Fuji Rock.

A new young band incorporating elements of alternative, dub and psychedelic with a singer playing steel drums. Catch these girls on Sunday at 1am on the Rookie A Go-Go stage before they become big.

Another young band on the Rookie A Go-Go stage, Homecomings play lo-fi twee pop. 11pm on Saturday.

On the little Naeba Shokudo stage at 20:10 on Sunday, the incredible Uhnellys will be looping guitars, rapping and generally entertaining you while you sip your sake.

Dustin Wong (with Special Guest: Takako Minekawa)
For more guitar looping, check out Japanese-American Dustin Wong and his new project with whispering Shibuya-kei artist Takako Minekawa.

Multi-instrumentalist indie pop with a mix of complex and simple arrangements and melodies.

Get up early on Sunday to start the day off with these four long haired stoner noise punks. 10:20 in the Red Marquee.

Acid folk singer Maeno Kenta will be joined by experimental musicians Jim O'Rourke, Eiko Ishibashi, Sudoh Toshiaki and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto on the fitting Field of Heaven stage on Saturday at 12:30.

For some interesting takes on hip-hop, catch THE OTOGIBANASHI'S on the Rookie A Go-Go stage at 2am on Sunday, DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan ( DJみそしるとMCごはん) up at Day Dreaming on Saturday afternoon, STERUSS first up at the Red Marquee on Saturday, or Fragment x Keikouto band at 4am.

For something totally out there, watch OBORETA EBI NO KENSHI HOUKOKUSHO (溺れたエビの検死報告書), a WTF band of prawns playing Rookie A Go-Go at 3am on Saturday.

For something else quite different, ASAKUSA JINTA will fit in well in the Cafe De Paris tent on Saturday afternoon with their Showa swing ska rockabilly.

Getting back to rock, check out the popular mystery pop/rock band SOTAISEI RIRON (相対性理論) and disco rock band the telephones, both playing the White Stage on Sunday. QUATTRO will be a good start to the first day at the Red Marquee with their nice indie-pop/alternative rock. The next day on the same stage, catch electro-pop supergroup LAMA, then see instrumental math-rock group LITE the next morning.

To dance in the wee hours, see RYUKYUDISKO's Okinawan techno at 3am on Saturday (well, actually Sunday) or Caribbean influenced ska dance band YOUR SONG IS GOOD an hour earlier in the Palace of Wonder tent.

To chill out for a bit, see some electronica artists like Miyauchi Yuri (宮内優里) and KILLY&a7e up on the Day Dreaming stage on Saturday afternoon. Otherwise catch indie kids Mitsume (ミツメ) at midnight on the same day at Rookie A Go-Go or the soft voiced guitarist Nanao Tavito (七尾旅人) the next morning at 11:30.

For some nostalgic Japanese pop, alternative diva Chara will be collaborating with a bunch of musicians in the Red Marquee on Friday. Also, take some time out to see one of Mari Natsuki's (夏木マリ) performances at Naeba Shokudo or Orange Court on Saturday.

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