Sunday 29 August 2010

Farm Party #3 this Sunday Sept 5th!

by craig

Tokyo Gig Guide's next Farm Party gig will be this Sunday, September 5th. It will be loads of fun so we hope to see you there! It only costs 1000円 (plus 500円 drink order) to see three great Tokyo bands and a bunch of ace DJs.

Tokyo Gig Guide presents FARM PARTY #3


1000s of cats
Guitar & drums 2 piece not afraid of blending cuteness with noise. They appeared on the Tokyo Gig Guide blog list of amusing band names.

ABIKYOKAN (with special guest Sawako on vocals)
International avant-pop new wave band with members hailing from 4 continents. Abikyokan will play as a 5-piece with me on bass and Sawako on vocals.

Fun sax and electronics duo who appeared at the very first Farm Party.

VJ: craig eee
Old films and craziness cut-up and projected throughout the gig.

DJs: Mu-tan, Goatherd, Antonio Yodobashi, Grant McGaheran, Jake Arntson, craig eee
Super-eclectic international DJ team playing all kinds of danceable stuff form all kinds of places.

Kicks off at 18:30.

18:30 DJ soundclash - Jake & craig eee
19:00 DJ Grant McGaheran
20:00 DJ Antonio Yodobashi
21:00 DJ Mu-tan
21:30 LIVE: 1000s Of Cats
22:00 DJ Goatherd
22:30 DJ craig eee

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Thursday 26 August 2010

Fuji Rock Festival 2010 Day Three

by craig

Day Three (Aug 1st)

It was impossible to get an early start, so the first band to see was YEASAYER at Red Marquee. Fun indie psych dance. As there was nothing on for a while after that, I napped at Gypsy Avalon, my favourite napping area, and had some lunch at the ONLY vegetarian food stall.

I checked out a bit of RIDDIM SAUNTER, but remembering that I don't really like them much, I headed back to the White Stage to meet up with friends and wait for VAMPIRE WEEKEND. Good stuff - loved the African vibes.

Over at White Stage, nodded off during FOALS, then saw LCD SOUNDSYSTEM. Great, great, great.

On the way back to Red Marquee, I caught a bit of ATOMS FOR PEACE as I passed through the millions of people at the Green Stage. Thom Yorke, yes, good singer and I like Radiohead. But Flea? Ugh, can't stand RHCP.

Was very excited to see AIR for the first time, and they didn't disappoint. I was grinning and grooving. Caught a little of MASSIVE ATTACK at Green Stage, but BELLE AND SEBASTIAN were calling me from White Stage so I rushed over there. Standing in the rain, and a little drunk, B&S brought back lots of pleasant memories and I enjoyed myself immensely. They even did their favourite trick of bringing fans up on the stage to dance to The Boy With The Arab Strap.

Realising I'd lost my friends again, I headed to Red Marquee, watching a bit of SCISSOR SISTERS as I passed. I proceeded to dance the night away by myself, later to be taken under the wing of some friendly people. Caught DJ sets of JAMES MURPHY, HORSE MEAT DISCO, Y. SUNAHARA and RASMUS FABER at red Marquee, somebody at Ganban Stage, watched the Human Cannonball, visited the Miniscule of Sound and talked to carnies at Palace of Wonder, crashed in Crystal Palace as SIM CASS played, then staggered back towards the tent at daylight.

Back to Tokyo the next day, tired, sunburnt, blistered feet and with a cold. It was definitely worth it though!
Thanks everyone, especially Pete, Lyle, Asami, Saoirse, Sayaka and Smash.

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Friday 20 August 2010

Fuji Rock Festival 2010 Day Two

by craig

Day Two (31st Aug)

I didn't manage to make it in to the festival to see LITE at 10:20, so the first band to see was DIRTY PROJECTORS at Red Marquee. My expectations were high and they were met.

I had some lunch and was so tired I slept on the floor a Naeba Shokudo, before the long hike to Gypsy Avalon to see MATT & KIM do a high energy set. I fell asleep on the grass after they finished.

Pete came along and woke me up, so we hung around Tokoro Tengoku for a bit, and watched a dull rock band (STRAIGHTENER) at the White Stage.

We camped out at Green Stage after that where we watched JOHN FOGERTY play his greatest hits. I was surprised I knew all of the songs! Memories of my mum singing them at karaoke at my wedding after-party... More old-timers next with ROXY MUSIC. A very sweaty besuited Brian Ferry and co played a surprising range of their repertoire, losing a few of the audience during the ballads and more experimental numbers, but they missed the Best Of hit parade at the end. Fun, fun!

As Jay and I got to White Stage for MGMT, they were very appropriately playing their song Brian Eno! It was funny to watch the kids in the audience just waiting through their jams for Kids which they then went wild for.

Then it was time to have lots of drinks around the Red Marquee and dance to the DJs DEXPISTOLS, BOYS NOIZE, MYLO and IVAN SMAGGHE, culminating at Ganban Stage for muddy craziness and dancing to TAKKYU ISHINO's set until 5:00am.

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Sunday 15 August 2010

Fuji Rock Festival 2010 Day One

by craig

Getting to Naeba early on Thursday was a good idea. We found a good campsite and thoroughly enjoyed the opening party. We joined the bon-odori for a bit, watched BEARDYMAN, MUSTANG and NARASIRATO PAN PIPERS at Red Marquee and danced to JAMAICA, MYSS and other DJs in the mud and rain at the Ganban stage.

We managed to stay dry in our tents and even get some sleep.
Day One started off with the wonderful HIKASHU at Orange Court. Fun, good-humoured avant-garde new-wave performance with funky dance moves, Jew's harp and theremin action from singer Koichi Makigami.

Mud, mud everywhere. Enjoyed MIIKE SNOW at Red Marquee, before heading to White Stage to watch (mostly) instrumental bands TOE and JAGA JAZZIST. Despite the rain, Jaga Jazzist was my fave act for day one. Beautiful blend of jazz, experimental, electronica and post-rock - like a danceable Tortoise. The excited bearded drummer got the crowd wild and everyone was bopping in their raincoats.

I stayed under the dry roof of the Red Marquee for a while and caught THE XX and BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE. Good stuff. Passed by Green Stage where MUSE were doing their awful stadium rock thing. Amazing light show, man..

Made it to White before !!! came onto stage. Wow!!! They had us all dancing and going crazy!!! Psyched up for all-night Fuji, we headed to Orange Court. Cool lights, man.

FISCHERSPOONER did a cool drunken electro/house DJ set. Everyone was dancing and as KEN ISHII came to the decks, even more people piled in to dance the morning away. Can't remember what I did next, but I'm sure it involved dancing in mud.

Review/pictures of Day Two coming soon!

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