Tuesday 20 July 2010

BAD NOISE on July 24th

Are there any gigs on this weekend?

Yes, as a matter of fact, on Saturday night (July 24th) there shall be a most gratifying evening to be spent at the latest installment of the regular BAD NOISE! night.

It is to be at the laidback Ruby Room in the heart of the youth eclave of Shibuya.

You will be able to witness topflight performances by these musical outfits:

Confrontational new-wave with Brit singer.

These Bubblegum-punkas are to return to Bad Noise.

+ MORE??
Yes, more, but you'll just have to wait and see.

For more facts, photographic evidence and the like, see www.badnoisetokyo.com

On Tokyo Gig Guide

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Friday 9 July 2010

Caribou and solo show-going

by liza

Was anyone else at the Caribou show at Daikanyama Unit this week?

I saw this review of it in Metropolis. It's funny how people can go to the same show and think different things! While I love Caribou, I'm not sure if it was a "triumphant" return -- the place was not even close to full and I'm sure the promoter lost money. I didn't think the crowd was particularly energetic, and people didn't really seem to be drinking either. I think the gig was bound to be good (I like the new album) but the band seemed a bit tired and just plowed through the set -- understandable as they're on quite an extensive tour at the moment.

Most everyone there looked like they were on their own -- I was too -- but buried in their phones. It seems like more people go to gigs solo in Tokyo than I remember in the United States or Australia. I don't mind it, but prefer company. However I usually need some liquid courage before I'll try to meet strangers! Are you usually at gigs solo or in groups?

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Fuji Rock Festival - recommended Japanese bands

by craig

There are a lot of good Japanese artists playing Fuji Rock Festival this year. Here are some of my recommendations:

HIKASHU (ヒカシュー)
Incredibly strange new-wave band that has been going since the late 70s, fronted by the amazing vocal gymnast Koichi Makigami. Here's a clip of them from 1980:

bloodthirsty butchers
2008 FRF had My Bloody Valentine and last year's festival had Guitar Wolf - this year's band with the loudest guitars will likely be bloodthirsty butchers. They've been playing their noisy indie-rock since 1987.

LITE and toe
Instrumental math-rock groups.

Koji Nakamura's electronic-rock project after the breakup of Supercar.

Most people will be watching Atoms For Peace who are playing at the same time, but I know I'll be watching Shugo Tokumaru's band Gellers.

Hideki Kaji (カジヒデキ)
Another unlucky timeslot - my favourite Japanese pop singer Kaji-kun will be playing at the same time as Belle & Sebastian.

An interesting jazz/jam/rock band. Should be fun to see on the White Stage.

The famous electronic-rock band.

Y. Sunahara
Popular in the Shibuya-kei scene of the late 90s, Yoshinori Sunahara (ex Denki Groove) will be getting The Red Marquee dancing.

Kicell (キセル)
Pop band Kicell will have the Field Of Heaven swaying.

This should be a cool jazz/hip-hop collaboration.

On the Rookie-A-Go-Go stage, check out Eiko Ishibashi (石橋英子), core of bells, odotte bakari no kuni (踊ってばかりの国), and Uchujin (宇宙人).

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