Wednesday 13 March 2013

Buying tickets from Lawson

I noticed that the procedure for buying tickets from the Loppi machines in Lawson convenience stores has changed so here are the updated instructions:

2. Touch the big white square on the left.
3. Enter the 5 digit code.
4. Touch the orange square on the bottom right.
5. Now the concert info, venue, times etc will be displayed. On the right it will show the types of tickets available. Usually it will only display one type (スタンディング (all-standing)), so select that box. If the same artist is playing on more than one day, a calendar will be displayed. In that case, just select the date you want to attend.
6. On the next screen, you will see the number 1 with up and down arrows next to it. Click the arrow to select how many tickets you want to buy. Then touch the bottom right orange icon. Wait while the computer checks if there are tickets left.
7. If there are tickets left, the next screen might appear asking you if you can accept the service charge (105yen). Touch the orange icon.
8. The next screen will appear asking if you have a Lawson ticket card. Two orange icons will be at the bottom of the screen. The left one says "iie" (no) and the right one says "hai" (yes). Touch the left one.
9. A screen displaying the hiragana syllabet will be displayed. Enter your first name in hiragana, then touch the second icon down on the right of the syllabet. Enter your second name and touch the same icon again. Touch the orange icon. If you don't know hiragana, maybe just try entering random characters.
10. Enter your phone number in the format 03-1234-1234. Note: If you're visiting Japan and don't have a telephone number, maybe try entering random numbers. Tokyo phone numbers start with 03.
11. A confirmation screen will appear. On the bottom right will be two orange icons, to confirm (O) or to cancel (X). If all the information is correct, select 'confirm.' If a pop-up appears, touch the orange icon (O).

Find this and more information on buying tickets on the Tokyo Gig Guide Tickets page.