Friday 9 July 2010

Caribou and solo show-going

by liza

Was anyone else at the Caribou show at Daikanyama Unit this week?

I saw this review of it in Metropolis. It's funny how people can go to the same show and think different things! While I love Caribou, I'm not sure if it was a "triumphant" return -- the place was not even close to full and I'm sure the promoter lost money. I didn't think the crowd was particularly energetic, and people didn't really seem to be drinking either. I think the gig was bound to be good (I like the new album) but the band seemed a bit tired and just plowed through the set -- understandable as they're on quite an extensive tour at the moment.

Most everyone there looked like they were on their own -- I was too -- but buried in their phones. It seems like more people go to gigs solo in Tokyo than I remember in the United States or Australia. I don't mind it, but prefer company. However I usually need some liquid courage before I'll try to meet strangers! Are you usually at gigs solo or in groups?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in the states, I went to shows both solo and with other people. I didn't mind going to shows alone. I have gone to a lot less shows here. The few times I went alone, it wasn't as satisfying. I'm still not used to the early start and finish times which makes drinking less appealing for me. Also, shows here feel less communal. There is a lot of staring at one's mobile instead of looking around. I starting to do that now.

12:29 am, July 12, 2010  
Anonymous Colin said...

I love Caribou.

As for going to gigs alone. I did this numerous times over there.. A LITE gig is one that stands out. It turned out be 4 bands so more of a festival lasting 6 hours. I was so tired by the end of it and dead by the time of the headline band. I do think promoters really don't care if it annoys you! They just want to charge big prices and put massive bills on sometimes when all you want to see is one band.

And sometimes you feel a little ripped off when there are no supports like the YYY concert which I also went alone too. remember the ridiculous queuing system outside in the freezing cold, I'm taking this memory to the grave - so silly!!!!)

The things that annoyed me most about gigs were the prices and stupid drink token on the door.. so so so silly!

Things are so much more straight forward in Ireland :)

6:02 am, July 18, 2010  

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