Sunday 31 December 2006

happy new year

by craig

2007 is going to be the year of tokyo gig guide, i swear.
not only is there this new blog, but there will be other changes and improvements. i have just fixed up the links page (what a mess that was), more venues and bands will be added, and i'm going to try to make the gig guide more comprehensive. also, if i have time or if one of the people who have offered to help do, the site will be redesigned. so hopefully it will become less of a 90's lo-fi scrollathon and more of an interactive attractive site. perhaps even bilingual (perhaps i should become more bilingual first..).
there is one way the listings could be more comprehensive, and that is for you dear reader(s) to volunteer to contribute! there must be lots of good music out there that i overlook. so if you know a bit about any specific scenes, say neo-asakusa-kei psych or something, please email me some info.



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