Wednesday, 21 December 2016

New Year's Eve Gigs 2016-2017


Unfortunately, the huge 4-day Countdown Japan festival at Makuhari Messe is already sold out for New Year's Eve. There are some tickets remaining for December 28th though. On that day you can see a large range of Japanese artists from Polysics to Perfume.

Koenji High have some of their favourite bands playing, including shoegaze outfits like Cruyff in the Bedroom and electro-pop groups like (M)otocompo.

Marz in Shinjuku is hosting Countdown 2016→2017 with some up-and-coming indie bands like Tempalay and Denims.

The Pillows are putting on Countdown Bump Show at Shibuya O-East where they are playing alongside Tomovsky, Pop Chocolat and others.

O-Crest in Shibuya are having a Year End Party with a collection of local rock bands like Large House Satisfaction and Necokicks.

At 7th Floor in Shibuya, they are holding quite an eclectic Count Down Party with artists such as Elekibass and Katsu Marley & The Soul Kitchen.

For a whole bunch of hardcore bands, head to Antiknock in Shinjuku for Burning Spirits 2017. Bands include Systematic Death, Die You Bastard! and System Fucker.


An interesting range of live electronic musicians and DJs including Solar and DJ Nobu will gather for Future Terror at Unit in Daikanyama.

Liquidroom's New Year Eve Party 2017 features the Japanese techno DJs Takkyu Ishino and Fumiya Tanaka.

Over at Contact in Shibuya, catch Francois K and Toshiyuki Goto.

Ageha in Shin-Kiba are hosting another massive Count Down party with DJs like R3HAB and Yasutaka Nakata.

New Year Countdown to 2017 at Womb will include Techno and house DJs Josh Wink, DJ Sodeyama and more.

Taicoclub, WWW and Frue are planning a big NYE Countdown to 2017 at WWW and WWWX in Shibuya. The lineup is yet to be dropped.

Tecnho legend Ken Ishii is playing with other DJs at Vision New Years EVE Party Count Down to 2017 at Sound Museum Vision.

Drinks Out for Harambe is planned at Cross Point in Shibuya with a bunch of DJs and alcohol.


Shinjuku's Pit Inn is planning another of their massive All Night Concerts with loads of jazz legends including the Takeshi Shibuya Orchestra and Orquesta Libre.

For smoother jazz, FOURPLAY are serenading Blue Note in Omotesando.

The acoustic jazz duo of Kazuhiko Obata and Natsuki Kido are performing at Cafe Tone in Urawa, Saitama.

An interesting performance event including dance, art and music called Joyamai is planned for Kid Ailack Art Hall in Meidaimae.

Full list of New Year's Eve gigs

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Tokyo Gig Guide presents Farm Party 21 on Dec 10

The 21st installment of the always enjoyable Farm Party curated by Tokyo Gig Guide is this Saturday, the 10th of December. We have another exciting and diverse lineup once again, this time covering krautrock, synth-pop, psychedelic, experimental, electronic, new wave, post-punk and everything in between.

Tokyo Gig Guide presents FARM PARTY 21
10 Dec 2016
@ Ruby Room, Shibuya
Open/start: 18:30. Door: ¥1500 (+ 1 drink ¥500)
LIVE: COCOON PIT, ネオンズ (NEONS), 病気くん (byokikun), Barry Zogon Band
DJ: Roodmin (Hippo Disco), Grant McGaheran, craig eee

Details on Tokyo Gig Guide
Facebook event

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Scott & Charlene's Wedding return to Japan

The Australian lo-fi pop band Scott & Charlene's Wedding are returning to Japan this week and next, playing shows in Tokyo and Kyushu and in between.
They played two fun shows for Tokyo Gig Guide on their Japan tour in 2015.

This Sunday in Tsunashima, Yokohama, they are playing a little gig with fellow Aussies Thigh Master from Brisbane.
Nov 20th 2016 @ Tsunashima R (Dream On Records) 
5-15-1 Komaoka, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
Open/start 13:30. Entry: donation

On Monday, you can see them in Shibuya with moo from Sapporo.
Nov 21st 2016 @ O-Nest Shibuya
Open 19:00, start 19:30. Adv 3000円, door 3500円.

Full tour dates:
16 Nov @ Kochi - cafe & bar gigi
20 Nov @ Yokohama - Tsunashima R
21 Nov @ Tokyo - O-Nest
22 Nov @ Hamamatsu - Kirhherr
23 Nov @ Matsumoto - Give Me a Little More

Tour details: Dead Funny Records

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tokyo Gig Guide presents Farm Party 20 on Oct 9

We have a big gig set for the 20th edition of Farm Party this weekend with five bands, and because the next day is a public holiday, you don't need to worry about drinking on a Sunday night.

On their Japan tour, we have the French/Cambodian electronic duo dorcelsius, along with the Tokyo indie-rock/pop bands ビニールハウス5 (vinyl house 5)potlucks, postcard of japan and harps. Djing will be Gotal and Ralouf from lo-shi.

It will all kick off on October 9th at 18:30 at Ruby Room in Shibuya. Entry is 1500 yen plus a drink.
More details on Tokyo Gig Guide
Facebook page





postcard of japan


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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Super gig weekend - Sep 30 to Oct 2

There's no excuse to stay home this weekend with all this original music going on.

Yuck  Tropical Death

Friday, Sept 30

There are a few good gigs on Friday night to kick off the weekend.
More gigs on Friday.


Saturday, Oct 1

Where do we start for Saturday night? There's too much going on but here are a few of the highlights.
More gigs on Saturday.

Sunday, Oct 2

If you have any money left, there are still plenty of things happening on Sunday night.

More gigs on Sunday.

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Rehearsal studios for 'studio live' in Tokyo

Renting live houses to organise gigs in Tokyo can be expensive. Therefore, a popular alternative for smaller gigs is to do a 'studio live',  a casual kind of event held in a rehearsal studio room. Of course it is a bit cramped, but the sound is usually good and everyone can bring their own drinks.

Sound Studio DOM, Koenji
Events are regularly held at this very punk studio, usually in their larger room, but also in the smaller ones. They also have a rooftop area where you can drink and have barbecues. You basically pay the hourly rental price plus 900 yen for staff.

Studio Zot, Asagaya
They have a nice large room that you can use for gigs. It's basically 4000 yen per hour with a minimum of 5 hours. It is about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the station though.

Rinky Dink Studios
This rehearsal studio chain allows studio live events in some of their locations. You'll need to call them for details.
Kichijoji 2nd
Hachioji 1st
Hachioji 2nd

Studio Ongakukan
Some of this chain's studios have rooms set up for gigs.
They have live spaces called Attack (48) and Music Inn 50 respectively, although at about 7000 to 8000 yen an hour, it doesn't end up much cheaper than booking an actual live house.
These spaces are more reasonable than the Shinjuku and Akihabara ones, at about 4000 to 5000 yen an hour.

Maldic Studio, Kita-Sando
This place which is not far from Yoyogi station allows live events in one of its studios for around 3000 yen an hour.

Bass on Top, Nakano
This studio at Nakano Sun Plaza has a large room for 4200 to 4500 yen an hour.

Gateway Studio, Shibuya
At 6000 yen an hour including 2 staff members to help with the PA, you can organise gigs here.

Little Monster, Shinjuku-Gyoen
This place has very reasonable prices (15000 to 19000 total) for mini live shows.

Studio Bayd, Shimokitazawa
This place seems to work somewhat like a live house.

A lot of other rehearsal studios with a big enough room will allow studio live events. Just discuss it with them. Here are a few that have allowed live events before:
Studio Revole, Akihabara
Studio UEN, Nishi-Ogikubo
Studio PACKS, Kita-Senju
Studio Koyaama, Koenji
Hill Valley Studio, Shinjuku
Studio NODE, Shinjuku
Noah Sound Studio, various locations

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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tokyo Gig Guide presents SPACE FÊTE #3 - June 5 2016

This Sunday June 5th, Tokyo Gig Guide is holding the third of its Space Fête experimental music events. There will be five live music acts starting with hitodama who will do one of his ambient guitar noise pieces, followed by Barry Zogon Band and their strange electronic rock. DJ Topgear will follow them with his live variegated beats and then OPQ will bring his bank of original circuit-bent gadgets to the stage. Closing the night will be the wild free jazz of Kiyasu Orchestra, then the eclectic DJs Grant McGaheran and craig eee who will also play sets between the bands. See you there!

Tokyo Gig Guide presents SPACE FÊTE #3

LIVE: Kiyasu OrchestraOPQDJ TopgearBarry Zogon Band人魂 (hitodama)

DJ: Grant McGaheran, craig eee

Sunday June 5, 18:30. 1000 yen (+ drink)

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Super gig weekend - 28th & 29th May

This weekend is another super weekend for gigs, especially Saturday (May 28th).

First, there are these 3 cool little festivals happening:

A ticket to this annual event lets you wander around the Shimokitazawa district and pop in and out of all its important live houses. You can check out lots of established and up-and-coming Japanese indie bands like Lucky Tapes, Homecomings, Learners, Lostage, Paellas, avengers in sc-fi, Fukurouzu, Halfby and plenty more. The daytime part opens at 14:00 and costs 4500 yen and the night part opens at 23:00 and costs 3000 yen, or you can pay 5900 yen to go to both.
More info

OOO! vol. 5

This is a crazy collection of noise artists mixed in with some punk, electronic and other kinds of bands held from 3 pm to 5 am at the Shinjuku JAM live house and studios. And it's only 2500 yen! See ZENI GEVA, BLACKPHONE666 x ..., BUMBUMS, PUNSUCA, AKBK and lots of other artists written in all caps.
More info


This craft beer festival held in Toyosu features some great local bands like clammbon, group_inou, toe and eastern youth, alongside beers from the likes of Baird, Brewdog and Coedo. It opens at 11:00 and tickets will set you back 6800 yen.
More info

Some other highly worthwhile events on Saturday the 28th are:

MEKARE-KARE, ReddTemple, bonstar and 1000sofcats at Studio Packs in Kita-Senju. info

Shugo Tokumaru at O-Nest in Shibuya. info

world's end girlfriend, Vampillia, VMO, BOOL, canooooopy and Metoronori at WWW in Shibuya. info

On Sunday the 29th, there are also some great gigs on including:

ROVO, De De Mouse and Clammbon at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall. info

Shoegaze bands broken little sister, edy, Hata Yusuke Group, Shojoskip and more at High in Koenji. info

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Abandoned theme park in Tochigi

Last year I visited the abandoned Western Village theme park in Tochigi and loved it so much that I went back again recently with some friends. The second time, some of the plants that were taking over the park had been cleared and unfortunately more vandals had visited.
It's quite a creepy place to explore, especially because there are cowboy mannequins and creatures around every corner.

The photos are a mix of both visits including some iPhone photos taken after my camera batteries died. Check them all out in this flickr album.

The front:

Inside, it's a really wild wild west town:
Overgrown town

It has a large game centre:
Air hockey

Giant cowboy and dummy:

Faceless animatronic guy in the shooting game:
Face off

Overgrown town:

Collapsing balcony:
Collapsing balcony

Dentist in the horror house:
Dentist nightmare

There are lots of body parts lying around:

A real buffalo:
Real buffalo

Bed in the toilet:
Bed in toilet, of course

There is a whole building full of giant teddy bears:
Bear antics

Some depressed animal rides:
Animal rides

Creepy wheelchair:
Wheelchairs always look creepy

Some of the many cowboys:
Eye socket

Rubber face

In the saloon:

In the offices:

There is also a huge replica of Mount Rushmore:
Mount Rushmore

Lots more photos in this flickr album!

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Funny Band Names 5

Here are some amusing band names I've found on Live House websites lately.


A Victim Of Blackboard Eraser

Balcony Dudes with Rock Salt



Calling from Non'stop Dorothy

Cell The Rough Butch

Chemical of head

Children Sausages




The Depth of Sad Dreaming



Do Pervert

Electric Mongoose UFO Factory


gold bread two beer


Gorgeous Bathroom




Lizards get tails

Lop Abuse On Somebody


Outside Lose Dog


The Poo

poo teen

Pumpkin Breaks The World's Revelation

Quietly Excited Penguin


Skunky Raw Stink


tad a you felicity

TEAM-Gadget cat from the future.

Tentacle Centipede

touch my secret


Violence in the Butcher

Wild sun flowers & sombrero

X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus

yucky rabbit


Funny Band Names 1

Funny Band Names 2

Funny Band Names 3

Funny Band Names 4

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

New version of Tokyo Gig Guide!

As you may have noticed, there is a new improved version of Tokyo Gig Guide now online. Here are some of the new features:

  • There is a new and improved Live House list. You can easily search the Live House database and filter the venues by area.
  • The site now looks much better and is much easier to use on your smartphone or mobile device.
  • You can click ‘interested’ on any gig you want to go to and access a list of them all from the side menu.
  • You can easily include videos when you add gigs. Just enter the YouTube or Vimeo URL in the details and the video will appear after you save it.
  • It is now easier to add images to your gigs. You can upload them to TGG and reuse them again whenever you like. More info on help page.
  • There is a new Calendar page where you can view upcoming gigs by month and then filter them by category.
  • Gigs can be exported to your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Yahoo Calendar etc. Just look for the iCal icon on the bottom of all gig listing pages and at the top of every gig page.
  • Google Maps can now be added to Live House pages. All existing Live Houses are now being updated with Google Maps. Other new fields have also been added to give more information about the venues. More info on help page.
  • There is a new Category list where you can see all the categories which currently have gigs on the site.
  • You can easily link to any page on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Just click the icons on the right of the page.
Please let us know if you have any difficulties, questions or any ideas for new feautures or improvements!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Kinugawa Kanko Hotel Haikyo

outside sign
The Kinugawa Onsen area has definitely seen better days. Sadly, many of the hotels built along the river have gone bankrupt. The huge Kinugawa Kanko Hotel has been closed for almost 10 years and I thought it would be interesting to check it out.

doors piles
The sliding doors were open just enough to squeeze in.

nikko gachagacha
Unfortunately, vandals had already been in.

office companion
Paperwork had just been left in the office, including this log of 'companions'.

yukkuri kitchen
A message was left on the blackboard telling the staff to take their time.

stool lantern
Parts of the hotel were quite dark so I had to use the light on my iPhone.

mattresses window
I went into a lot of the guest rooms but they started to look the same after a while.

room feathers
Windows had been broken and birds had made their way in.

scales 666
By the time I made it up to room 666, it was starting to get a bit dark.

international bar
Surprisingly, the bar had been left relatively untouched.

chairs entertainment room
There were large entertainment rooms on the upper floors.

tv roof
I climbed onto the roof to have a peek.

mirrors bath
The next day I went back to check out the baths on the lower floors.

dead bird basement
It was pitch black down in the basement so I could only see by the light of my iPhone and camera flash. I heard a noise and quickly got out of there!

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