Tuesday 30 January 2007

Yo La Tengo & Sonic Youth

by craig

This time I'm determined not to miss Yo La Tengo. I always seem to miss them every time they tour.
And alas, on this tour they're playing on Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th of February, 2 days that i work late! aargh!
So I was quite excited when I found out the excellent Japanese band Clammbon were planning a show on Sunday night (the 18th) and that Yo La Tengo would also be on the bill! I finish at 6:10 on Sundays.
But after further inspection, I realised the doors will open at 5:00 and it will start at 6:00. Plus it's on at Studio Coast so it would take me forever to get out to Shin-Kiba. So I'd miss the first band which apparently will be Yo La Tengo! aargh!
I'm going to have to try to change shifts or something..

Another indie-rock band I've loved since high school, Sonic Youth, are also coming to Japan soon. And they're playing with Vooredoms! But at Y6800 I think I may give it a miss. I've seen Sonic Youth quite a few times before.
Anyway, f you're a Sonic Youth fan, you have to see this YouTube video.
An elderly choir performing 'Schizophrenia.'

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Blogger Unknown said...

make sure you change your shift!!

12:58 pm, January 31, 2007  
Blogger Teto Recs said...

i would love to see sonic youth again but Y6800 is crazy money for them. but with the boredoms, maybe...

5:05 pm, January 31, 2007  
Blogger Dave Rolsky said...

To add fuel to your fire, I've seen Yo La Tengo twice and they do a great live show, so it's worth some effort to see them.

Plus in Japan you probably won't have a bunch of annoying drunk fucks talking through the whole concert, unlike here in Minneapolis ;)

2:44 pm, February 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first act was Lonesome Strings actually. The Yo La Tengo set started at about 7 PM. I don't know where you work, but chances are, you probably would've been able to see at least half their set. Though yeah, the Studio Coast's location is pretty ridiculous.

Also, for Clammbon's encore, they brought out the guys from Yo La Tengo and they played "Today Is The Day" (off of YLT's Summer Sun album) together.

I was a bit surprised that the audience seemed to be 100% Japanese. I didn't see a single Caucasian face there, There might've been some that I just didn't see, since there were lots of people there, but there'd usually be a noticeable amount of expats for a band of YLT's caliber. But then again the main act were Clammbon.

10:42 am, February 19, 2007  
Blogger mr craig e said...

summer soldier,
i couldn't have gone anyway. i was organising an event that night.
i guess most people didn't know about that show except clammbon fans.
wish i could have gone!

12:27 am, February 22, 2007  

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