Saturday 22 December 2007

New Year's Eve Guide 2007-2008

by craig

So what is there to do in Tokyo for New Year's Eve? Well, if you want to dance or catch some live music, there are plenty of events going on. Here is the Tokyo Gig Guide recommended selection.

To dance at a huge party, you can go to YEBISU08 NEW YEAR’S PARTY to hear Gilles Peterson (from UK), Kyoto Jazz Massive, Jazztronik, Soil & "Pimp" Sessions, ZERO dB and more in Ebisu.

jazztronik, ken ishii

Ryota Nozaki aka Jazztronik will make his way between Ebisu and Shibuya to join famous techno DJ Ken Ishii as well as Sugiurumn and others at AIR for COUNTDOWN 2007-2008.

At Liquid Room, also in Ebisu, you will find DJs Takkyu Ishino (denki groove), Fumiya Tanaka, Moodman, Hiroshi Kawanabe and many more. 2008liquid

takkyu ishino

Club Asia in Shibuya has DJs Eitetsu Takamiya, Kentaro Takizawa, Yasutaka Nakata (from capsule), AYASHIGE, GOTH-TRAD and others with live music and dance performance by Osaka Monaurail. Club Asia Countdown

Cozy Organ bar on the other side of Shibuya has a bunch of Organ Bar favourites like DJs Tatsuo Sunaga (Sunaga t Experience), Kensho Onuki and Gakuji Matsuda (Cubismo Grafico). MCing will be YOU THE ROCK★. Toshikoshi Summit

gakuji matsuda, yasutaka nakata

Capsule’s Yasutaka Nakata and Cubismo Grafico’s Gakuji “Chabe” Matsuda will be busy, as they're also playing at OTO’s NEW YEAR PARTY in Shinjuku alongside Takeshi Kubota, hasehajimu, Kenta Kazumatsuri and others. It starts at 10pm.

London’s A MOUNTAIN OF ONE will be joined by the mighty DJ EYE (BOREDOMS/V∞REDOMS) plus KENJI TAKIMI, Mo Morris (A Mountain of One) and other DJs and VJs for 8UP

EYヨ, avengers in sci-fi

To catch some Japanese rock, head to Loft in Shinjuku for THE FINAL OF 2007 where you can catch THE STREET BEATS, REDЯUM, avengers in sci-fi, Good Dog Happy Men and others from 1pm.

Avengers-in-sci-fi will move to MARZ, also in Shinjuku, to join about tess, tron, LITE, school food punishment and others for SWAN SONG COUNCIL vol.9.

More rock will be happening at Club Quattro in Shibuya for VINTAGE x DI:GA 2008 with the pillows, who will be playing during the countdown. Joining them will be ELLEGARDEN, THE NOVEMBERS and more.

the pillows

If you like your rock harder and crazier, LOVE? OR TOUGH? is on at Heaven`s Door in Sangenjaya featuring FRAGMENTS, JET BOYS, ED WOODS, THE FACEFUL and many more.

German jamband Mars Mushrooms are playing at Kinack in Ueno with FLY. It starts at 9pm.

mars mushrooms

For some experimental music in a small place, there’s Enban’s 2007 Thank You Party in Shimokitazawa featuring a whole lot of Enban favourites like Feedback Syphon featuring Saya (tenniscoats), cottonioo, My Pal Foot Foot, TABATA and Yoshihiro Kawasome from 5pm to 5am.

saya, takeshi shibuya

For experimental and improvised jazz, Pit Inn in Shinjuku is holding ALL NIGHT CONCERT 2007-2008 with all the stars of the scene playing in Takeshi Shibuya Orchestra, Shun Sakai Group, HIROSHI MINAMI Trio, EMERGENCY! and other groups. It starts at 7pm and runs until it’s time for the first train.

polysics, halcali

Or if you want to go to a large festival and catch a whole lot of Japanese pop artists, there’s COUNTDOWN JAPAN 07/08, a four-day festival at Makuhari Messe. Some of the many artists that are playing on the 31st are Kimura Kaera, Art-School, Polysics, HALCALI, Sambo Master, your song is good and SAKEROCK.
edit: Tickets are sold out!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know about any parties? Or weird events? Not just DJ shows, but like, cabaret sets, or weird costume parties, or rave-type things. I'm looking for something special.

1:56 am, December 25, 2007  
Blogger mr craig e said...

I've been looking for something different too. Without any luck, sorry!

9:16 pm, December 30, 2007  

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