Sunday 23 March 2008

Dancing to a Japanese Beatles cover band by the tandoor

Last night, a coworker had been invited to play bass in a band in Chiba, so I decided to go along.
After getting totally lost, we finally managed to get to the venue which was an Indian restaurant hidden under a huge apartment building in the middle of nowhere in Higashi-Chiba.
Inside, it was a British rock-themed izakaya-like place jam-packed with an odd collection of middle-aged locals. I tucked into a super-spicy North Indian curry and some pints of Bass.
The band set up and earnestly played Beatles songs. A few people got up and danced at first, and later after more songs, beer and samosas, chairs were pushed aside and half the place was getting on down. An Indian chef showed off some Bollywood moves and a lady in a strange dance outfit very enthusiastically tried to make me dance with her, while an old guy with overalls and a combover cheered and took photos. We were offered some home-brewed ale.
Next, just to make things even more surreal, an old guy in an orange shirt got on stage and started singing opera.
It was great to see some real, unpretentious culture. If only I'd brought along my camera.

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Blogger Ken M - Japan Live said...

Beatles cover band in an Indian restaurant under an apartment building in Higashi-Chiba, watching oldsters get down while eating North Indian curry...that is SO cool! Wish I could have seen it...

4:58 pm, March 24, 2008  

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