Thursday 4 June 2009

DOG and theremin show

by craig

Enban is a Koenji institution. A tiny record store stocking independent music by day and a place to see odd music at night. Random gigs here are likely to be more interesting than what's on at most livehouses.

On Monday night it was pretty packed when I entered (about 25 people) so I had to stand between the shelves of 7"s, DVDs and CDs, resting my beer on a stack of homemade CDRs.

A huge dog entered because first up was Inuhiko. Inuhiko is a duo, the Inu half being JON(犬) or in English JON (THE DOG) and the hiko half is well, HIKO. JON(犬) plays pump organ and sings in a child-like voice dressed in an amazing dog costume. HIKO is the drummer from legendary hardcore punk band GAUZE formed in 1981. So it was pump organ, squeaky vocals and muted crazy hardcore drumming complete with double bass pedal! Awesome!

Next, Hayato Tsuji started playing piano while doing some eerie breathing/singing. He was joined by psychedelic guitar shredder Tansch (from ginen tsubame). Hayato could really sing, sometimes sounding like Sigur Rós and other times doing his breathing thing or possessed screaming. Just to make sure it didn't go all Radiohead, Tansch, skinny and pouty with huge hair just as a psych rock guitarist should be, did lots of solos with his amp turned down to 2.

Those who weren't there to see a dog play organ were there to see two Okinawans play theremin and piano. Nori Ubutaka had a cool old Moog theremin which he managed to tame amazingly well and played his original compositions with vocals and piano by the extraordinarily unique Emi Eleonola, diva from the bizarre avant-prog group DEMI SEMI QUAVER. They spent half the set chatting, reminiscing and answering questions from the audience about theremins (How many volts does it run on?).

(from Colin)

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