Friday 17 July 2009

Japanese bands to see at Fuji Rock Festival

While you're at Fuji Rock Festival, make sure you catch some Japanese bands.
Here are my suggestions:

Yukihiro Takahashi. He was a member of the amazing, influential electronic group YMO, and continues to make interesting electronica pop. The Words on YouTube (Sorry, embedding disabled)

Shibusashirazu Orchestra. Amazing extravaganza! I wrote about a recent concert of theirs here. Unfortunately they clash with Takahashi-san.
Here they are at 2002 FRF:

Why watch Oasis when you could be watching pop band Clammbon?

The best way to start off on Sunday will be to watch the wild new-wave sci-fi band Polysics!

To dance away Friday night, in the Orange Court you can see some electro-hip-hop with Newdeal x Tamaki ROY. Following them is the Shibuya-kei king of electro-house, DJ Towa Tei. Yes, he was in Deee-Lite too! After Towa Tei, Tadanobu Asano will do a short DJ set. Yes, he does music too! Otherwise, for something weirder, stick around Red Marquee to see DJ EY∃ (from Boredoms). I've seen him DJ before - wild and highly danceable!

UA - the unusual but extremely popular jazzy pop singer with a very unique voice will be playing the Green Stage on Saturday.

On the intimate Gypsy Avalon stage, you should see Oni from Afrirampo play solo. Expect something quite different than what she does in Afrirampo!

Progressive piano/guitar/drums trio COMBOPIANO appear at Naeba Shokudo.

Super hyperactive DJ De De Mouse will rock the White Stage, probably with a guest drummer. Although at the same time reformed 90s indie-pop band Sunny Day Service will fill up Field Of Heaven.

80kidz will have the electro kids packed in to the Red Marquee after midnight on Saturday night.

Instrumental post-rock trance band Rovo will be returning to FRF to get everyone dancing. For more wild dancing, neconemuru will have the Naeba Shokudo diners going crazy.

Other bands to check out:

Like girls with accordions? See ryukusanburu kouen!
Psychedelic tribal trance hippies? Dachambo.
70s political rock? Zunou Keisatsu.
Weird experimental electronica? coppe' will play at Café de Paris.
Rock n' Roll with traditional Japanese influences? Soul Flower Union.
Jazz/ska/party rock shenanigans with Sakerock.
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra will get Friday off to a fun start.
Playing at the same time as TSPO, is Asa-Chang & Junray.
One of the loudest bands to play this year is Guitar Wolf.
Cute and odd Jpop singer Chara will play at the same time at Lilly Allen.
You will have two late night chances to dance to Takkyu Ishino from Denki Groove.

You must check out some of the up and coming bands on the Rookie A Go-Go stage. Some highlights this year are Harp On Mouth Sextet, SuiseiNoboAz, nenem, Kate Sikora, Kowarekake no Tape Recorders, animanimus, and Mahiruno.

There are plenty more great musicians from Japan on the timetable.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Asa-Chang behind the drums for UA, isn't it? Though she probably has a different drummer now. And I had no idea that Katsui (I'm assuming that's him on violin) used to be in her band.

You forgot Zazen Boys and Keiichi Sokabe.

8:21 pm, July 17, 2009  
Anonymous Blue Stapler said...

Uh, sorry, forgot to enter my name. The above comment was by me.

8:22 pm, July 17, 2009  

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