Monday 13 July 2009

Kazuki Tomokawa and Mikami Kan, psych-folk legends live

The livehouse Showboat in Koenji is having some great shows in July and August to celebrate their sixteen year anniversary.

Two of the shows will be organised by the amazing label PSF Records.
PSF (Psychedelic Speed Freaks from the High Rise album title) releases underground Japanese psychedelic rock and folk, and free and improvised jazz from the 70s through to now. Their two legendary psych-folk singers, Mikami Kan and Kazuki Tomokawa, who have both been making music since the 70s, will be appearing at Showboat as part of the celebrations.

On the 14th of July, you will have the opportunity to see Mikami Kan. A raw and intense singer who became something of a folk star in the 70s, and also a poet, novelist and actor. He has continued his original take on blues and folk, ignoring musical trends, and creating something deeply personal and Japanese. He will be playing in a duo with guitarist Kazuo Imai. Imai is another important underground Japanese musician, famous for his original improvised style combining free jazz, avant-garde and experimental classical and world music. To make the gig even more unmissable is their support, the duo of psych-folk singer/guitarist Ai Aso and avant-garde guitarist Hisato Higuchi. Gig details.

On the 16th of July, you should take advantage of the chance to see 59-year-old acid/psych-folk singer Kazuki Tomokawa live. Known as the "screaming philosopher", Tomokawa has an amazing voice full of pain and emotion with occasional screaming that sends shivers down your spine. His songs have appeared in Takashi Miike films, the most famous being a bizarre, mad performance in Izo. His 2008 Album Blue Water, Red Water was one of my favourites of last year. Tomokawa is also a poet and a painter. Expect an intense performance and snapped strings. Gig details.

Kazuki Tomokawa live at Shibuya Apia:

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