Monday 26 April 2010

Arakajime Kimerareta Koibitotachi E

by liza

Shibuya O-Nest was packed on Saturday for this "melodica-fronted psychedelic dub band" (as described by Metropolis) , and I don't think anyone was disappointed. These guys are truly original -- really intense, driving dub drum and bass, and layered over it is melodica and theremin improvisations. I have to admit, in the first half of their set, I worried that they were a bit one-note, but things got more complex and rewarding as their hour and a half moved on. They move seamlessly into psychedelic rock and noise -- no vocals per se, but some screaming in the noisier songs. The lights and visuals put me in this happy hypnotic state... I didn't want them to stop!

See them before they get too big! The full band doesn't have a Tokyo show scheduled at the moment (I don't think?) but looks like the melodica player will be at Sofla in Nakameguro on 4/28 (more of like a club night) and Daikanyama Loop on 5/20.

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