Friday 7 May 2010

Exploring abandoned love hotels

by craig

I found a whole area on Google Maps I didn't know existed so I had to go and check it out.
A stroll down from Seibukyujomae station and across Tama Lake brought me to Tamako Jitensha Dō, a long road through the trees around Tama Lake. The road is mainly used by cyclists in their ridiculous fluoro lycra. A fence along the right side of the road prevents you from entering the forest around the reservoir.

Tamako Jitensha Dō Ave. Hat

A few love hotels were nestled in the trees, seemingly a perfect quiet location for such establishments. But too quiet it seems, as a few of them had closed down.

食パンマン Shipping crates

After wandering for a while, I stumbled upon the Hotel Queen, an abandoned love hotel with piles of rubbish out the front.

Hotel Queen Hotel Queen side

Around the side, I found that the door to the office had been broken off. The little shrine on the door was a bit off-putting, but my curiosity got the better of me and I went inside.

Queen Hotel entrance Roll paper (Queen Hotel)

Surprisingly, it looked like the owners had just suddenly deserted, leaving all their stuff behind. People had obviously broken in since then and made a bit of a mess.

Bed in office (Queen Hotel) Keyring (Queen Hotel) Kitchen (Queen Hotel) Signatures (Queen Hotel)

There was a lot of old electronic equipment around the office.

Entertainment (Queen Hotel) Certificates (Queen Hotel)

The wind and the old building's creaking sounds started to make me feel a bit uneasy.

Computer (Queen Hotel) TV (Queen Hotel) Switch (Queen Hotel) Tubes (Queen Hotel)

I slowly climbed the stairs as geckos scurried away. The second floor was where the owner must have lived.

Upstairs (Queen Hotel) Clothes hanging (Queen Hotel)

Even clothes and things had been left behind.
I was trying to be as quiet as possible, but my camera was quite loud.

Golf Trophy (Queen Hotel) Kids Camera (Queen Hotel)

I was spooked by the creaking sounds in the next room and seeing a small noose hanging in the window, so I quickly went downstairs and out in to the hotel grounds.

Noose (Queen Hotel) Shoe extinguisher (Queen Hotel)

All the guest rooms were locked but I poked my camera through a couple of windows.

Red Bedroom (Queen Hotel) Bedroom (Queen Hotel) Front Building (Queen Hotel) Within Queen Hotel

I was worried about being spotted from the road so decided to leave. A police car slowly passed me a bit further down the road.
There was more and more random rubbish dumped around the place.

Gomi Dragons

I came across Akasaka Hotel, another abandoned love hotel. This one was totally vandalised and obviously a popular spot for photographers. Actually, I remembered seeing it on some haikyo sites. An old man was at the ruined building (a restaurant?) next door so I couldn't explore.

Cameras in here Restaurant?

It was almost 30° and I was getting sunburned, so I stopped in the shade for lunch at the end of the path, before heading back.


(Click the above pictures to see larger sizes. More photos can be seen at Flickr)

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Blogger redegg said...

creepy, distrubing and ............ soooooo cool. I'd love to do there some day. It reminds me of that deserted hospital in Japan.. Where is that again?

10:16 pm, May 07, 2010  
Blogger Unknown said...

Bloody brilliant stuff - I LOVE this!!

1:10 am, May 09, 2010  
Blogger mr craig e said...

redegg - maybe you mean this?

andrez - cheers! i've been enjoying your blog too!

11:48 am, May 09, 2010  

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