Thursday 26 August 2010

Fuji Rock Festival 2010 Day Three

by craig

Day Three (Aug 1st)

It was impossible to get an early start, so the first band to see was YEASAYER at Red Marquee. Fun indie psych dance. As there was nothing on for a while after that, I napped at Gypsy Avalon, my favourite napping area, and had some lunch at the ONLY vegetarian food stall.

I checked out a bit of RIDDIM SAUNTER, but remembering that I don't really like them much, I headed back to the White Stage to meet up with friends and wait for VAMPIRE WEEKEND. Good stuff - loved the African vibes.

Over at White Stage, nodded off during FOALS, then saw LCD SOUNDSYSTEM. Great, great, great.

On the way back to Red Marquee, I caught a bit of ATOMS FOR PEACE as I passed through the millions of people at the Green Stage. Thom Yorke, yes, good singer and I like Radiohead. But Flea? Ugh, can't stand RHCP.

Was very excited to see AIR for the first time, and they didn't disappoint. I was grinning and grooving. Caught a little of MASSIVE ATTACK at Green Stage, but BELLE AND SEBASTIAN were calling me from White Stage so I rushed over there. Standing in the rain, and a little drunk, B&S brought back lots of pleasant memories and I enjoyed myself immensely. They even did their favourite trick of bringing fans up on the stage to dance to The Boy With The Arab Strap.

Realising I'd lost my friends again, I headed to Red Marquee, watching a bit of SCISSOR SISTERS as I passed. I proceeded to dance the night away by myself, later to be taken under the wing of some friendly people. Caught DJ sets of JAMES MURPHY, HORSE MEAT DISCO, Y. SUNAHARA and RASMUS FABER at red Marquee, somebody at Ganban Stage, watched the Human Cannonball, visited the Miniscule of Sound and talked to carnies at Palace of Wonder, crashed in Crystal Palace as SIM CASS played, then staggered back towards the tent at daylight.

Back to Tokyo the next day, tired, sunburnt, blistered feet and with a cold. It was definitely worth it though!
Thanks everyone, especially Pete, Lyle, Asami, Saoirse, Sayaka and Smash.

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