Friday, 20 August 2010

Fuji Rock Festival 2010 Day Two

by craig

Day Two (31st Aug)

I didn't manage to make it in to the festival to see LITE at 10:20, so the first band to see was DIRTY PROJECTORS at Red Marquee. My expectations were high and they were met.

I had some lunch and was so tired I slept on the floor a Naeba Shokudo, before the long hike to Gypsy Avalon to see MATT & KIM do a high energy set. I fell asleep on the grass after they finished.

Pete came along and woke me up, so we hung around Tokoro Tengoku for a bit, and watched a dull rock band (STRAIGHTENER) at the White Stage.

We camped out at Green Stage after that where we watched JOHN FOGERTY play his greatest hits. I was surprised I knew all of the songs! Memories of my mum singing them at karaoke at my wedding after-party... More old-timers next with ROXY MUSIC. A very sweaty besuited Brian Ferry and co played a surprising range of their repertoire, losing a few of the audience during the ballads and more experimental numbers, but they missed the Best Of hit parade at the end. Fun, fun!

As Jay and I got to White Stage for MGMT, they were very appropriately playing their song Brian Eno! It was funny to watch the kids in the audience just waiting through their jams for Kids which they then went wild for.

Then it was time to have lots of drinks around the Red Marquee and dance to the DJs DEXPISTOLS, BOYS NOIZE, MYLO and IVAN SMAGGHE, culminating at Ganban Stage for muddy craziness and dancing to TAKKYU ISHINO's set until 5:00am.

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