Friday 29 October 2010

Finnish electro Halloween

by liza

If you prefer your music more sinewy than spooky this Halloween weekend - check out Shine 2009, Zebra & Snake, and DJ Ercola at Mado Lounge on Saturday. Shine 2009 is on a massive world tour promoted by Finland, ahead of Helsinki hosting the World Design Congress in 2012. "Madchester" definitely comes to mind at first but they're also both catchy and easy to get lost in. They're a bit sleazy and gothic and happy all at the same time, too - a memorable sort of sound that earned them the title of "Most promising band of 2011" by the Finnish music industry.

DJ Ercola has had some hits with Annie and other artists so this is a good chance to catch some bands who may end up being pretty big at a cool venue like Mado Lounge!

Get your gig info here, and happy Halloween!

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