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Tokyo Beer Gardens Summer 2011 - The Ultimate Guide

Here is my selection of the many summer beer gardens in Tokyo. Most of them are located on the roofs of buildings and have nomihodai (all-you-can-drink) deals.


BBQ and Beer Terrace 130 Days (Lumine Est Shinjuku)
Barbecue and beer on a department store roof.
Until? The end of September.
Station? Shinjuku.
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours 3600yen with barbeque chicken.
What drinks? Kirin draft, black, half & half, Heineken, wine, sours, sake, shochu, highballs etc.
Address? Lumine East dept. store rooftop, 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
Phone? 03-6273-2262
Times? 4:00-11:00.

Delicatessen Park Brewery (Park Hyatt)
Pretty good deal in a fancy spot. Two beers have been specially brewed for this beer garden.
Until? August 31st.
Stations? Shinjuku, Tochomae
All-you-can-drink? 2800yen unlimited microbrews and chef’s appetizer plate.
What drinks? Kanagawa's Sankt Gallen Park Brewery Ale and Amatsu Ale.
Address? Park Hyatt Tokyo, 1F Delicatessen, 3-7-1-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5323-3655
Times? Weekdays 6:00-8:00, Weekends/hols and Aug 8-12 5:00-7:00.

Hilton Tokyo Natsu no Tenku Beer Garden
Posh beer garden at the Hilton.
Until? September 30th.
Station? Shinjuku, Tochomae
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours 7500yen with assorted Chinese food, cold meat, cheese, shaved ice.
Address? 7F Private Lounge, Hilton Hotel Tokyo, Shinjuku.
Phone? 03-3344-5111
Times? 5:30-9:30.

Keio Asahi Sky Beer Garden
Standard department store rooftop beer garden.
Until? September 17th.
Station? Shinjuku
All-you-can-drink? September 10th to 17th 90 mins 2500yen. For over 8 people 3800yen 90mins with 6 kinds of food.
A la carte? Asahi 600yen, pitcher 2000yen, sours etc 450yen.
Address? Rooftop of Keio dept. store, 1-1-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5321-5349
Times? 5:00-10:00, September 5:00-9:30.

Shinjuku Asia Yokocho:
Loads of small Asian restaurants together on the (undercover) roof of this Kabukicho building. Some of them have all-you-can-drink deals.
Station? Shinjuku
Address? Toa Hall second building roof, 1-21-1, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
See Fa
All-you-can-drink? 2.5 hours (Sun to Thur), 2 hours (Fri, Sat, Hols) with 10 food items from 2950yen.
A la carte? World beer, drinks, Thai and Vietnamese food available.
Phone? 090-9142-3361
Times? Mon-Sat 5:00pm-5:00am, Sun/hols 4:00-midnight.
All-you-can-drink? 2.5 hours with 8 food items from 2980yen.
A la carte? World beer, drinks, Asian food.
Phone? 03-3207-1175
Times? Mon-Thu 5:00pm-2:00am, Fri/Sat 5:00pm-5:00am, Sun/Hol 5:00pm-midnight.

Garden Restaurant Coffret D'or Beer Garden
Hotel terrace garden.
Until? September 10th
Stations? Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku
All-you-can-drink? 90 mins with food sets from 3500yen
What drinks? Beer, wine, shochu, whiskey, soft drinks.
A la carte? Beer from 620yen
Address? Hotel Rosegarden Shinjuku Annex 1F, Nishi-Shinjuku 8-4-17, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3362-0279
Times? 5:30-10:30


Demi Beer Terrace (Tokyu Toyoko Shibuya)
Department store rooftop beer terrace.
Until? September 30th.
Station? Shibuya.
All-you-can-drink? No.
A la carte? Beer from 630yen. Drinks and food.
Address? Tokyu Toyoko dept. store south building roof, 2-24-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Phone? 03-3477-4586
Times? 5:00-10:00.

Green Garden (Tokyu Shibuya)
Department store rooftop beer garden.
Until? September 25th.
Station? Shibuya.
All-you-can-drink? No.
A la carte? Kirin Ichiban 435ml 500yen, 800ml 950yen, 1800ml 2000yen, other drinks from 500yen.
Address? Tokyu dept. store Shibuya Honten rooftop.
Phone? 080-2396-0398
Times? 5:00-10:00, September 5:00-9:30.

Jinnanken BBQ Beer Garden
Open-air barbecue in Shibuya.
Station? Shibuya.
All-you-can-drink? 4500yen with all-you-can-eat barbecue.
Address? Navi Shibuya 9F, 1-20-5 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5784-4455
Times? Mon-Sat 6:30pm-3:00am, Sun/hol 6:30pm-midnight

Yaffa Organic Cafe Beer Terrace
This organic cafe has a small outdoor area.
Station? Shibuya
All-you-can-drink? 100 mins with 5 food items 4200yen.
What drinks? Heartland beer, organic wine, umeshu, cocktails, softdrinks.
A la carte? Beer from 630yen
Address? Tokyu Stay Shibuya Shin-Minamiguchi 1F, 3-27-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-6427-9988
Times? 11:30am - 12:30am

Tokyo Washoku DEN Rokuen-Tei
Save 1000yen by starting at 5:30.
Station? Shibuya
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours 5000yen with food course, 4000yen if start before 6pm.
What drinks? Premium Malts beer, cocktails, wine, shochu, sake, umeshu, soft drinks.
A la carte? Beer from 780yen.
Address? PARCO1 8F, Udagawacho 15-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-6415-5489
Times? 5:00-11:30


Vietnam Garden Beer Terrace
This Vietnamese restaurant has an outdoor terrace.
Stations? Yoyogi, Harajuku
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with food course from 3500yen
A la carte? Beer from 580yen
Address? NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building Annex I-2F, Sendagaya 5-24-3, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3341-9889
Times? 5:30-11:00

Furin Chinese Restaurant Beer Garden Terrace
This Chinese restaurant has an outdoor terrace.
Stations? Yoyogi, Shinjuku
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with food course from 3800yen
What drinks? Beer, shochu, shaoxing wine, whiskey, highball, red wine, sours, cocktails, soft drinks.
Address? NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building Annex 2F, Sendagaya 5-24-3, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3356-0988
Times? Mon-Sat 5:30-11:00, Sun/hols 5:30-9:30

Smile Junky HB Cafe
Wooden terrace with a variety of food and drink courses.
Station? Harajuku
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with food course from 3800yen.
A la carte? Beer from 480yen
Address? AXIA Harajuku 1F, Jingumae 1-20-4, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5770-1450
Times? 6:00-11:00

Un Cafe Beer Garden
Small outdoor drinking area.
Until? Mid September
Stations? Omotesando B2 exit
All-you-can-drink? 90mins 2000yen
What drinks? Asahi Super Dry, Asahi black, half & half, cocktails
A la carte? Tapas 500yen.
Address? Cosmos Aoyama B2, Jingumae 5-53-67, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5469-0275
Times? 5:30-11:00

Motsuyaki Nonki Tenku Beer Terrace
Beer terrace with motsuyaki and yakitori.
Station? Ebisu.
All-you-can-drink? With 8 food items 4000yen.
A la carte? Beer from 600yen. Grilled meat.
Address? Ebisu Minami 1-23-1 3/4F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-6303-3795
Times? Mon-Thu 5:00pm-1:00am, Fri 5:00pm-5:00am, Sat/Sun/Hol 5:00-midnight

Meiji Jingu Mori Beer Garden
Big outdoor beer and barbecue area. With trees!
Until? September 24th.
Stations? Shinanomachi, Kokuritsu-Kyogijo, Aoyama-ichome
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with all-you-can-eat barbeque. Men 4000yen, women 3800yen.
What drinks? Kirin Ichiban, Kirin stout, Budweiser, sours, highballs, wine, cocktails.
Address? Meiji Jingu Gaien Jido Yuen, 14-13 Kasumigaoka-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5411-3715
Times? Weekdays 5:00-10:00, weekends 12:00-10:00


Hiten Terrace Garden Hawaiian Beer Hall (Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa)
Nice poolside drinking area.
Until? September 18th.
Stations? Shinagawa, Takanawadai
All-you-can-drink? With food sets from 3900yen.
Address? Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
Phone? 03-3442-1064
Times? Mon-Sat 5:00-9:30, Sun/Hol 5:00-9:00

Food Court Shinagawa Kitchen Beer Terrace (Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa)
The cheaper option at the Prince Hotel.
Until? September 30th.
Stations? Shinagawa, Takanawadai
All-you-can-drink? 90 minute sets with food from 2500yen.
What drinks? Beer, shochu, highball, orange juice, oolong tea.
Address? Shinagawa Prince Hotel Annex Tower 2F
Phone? 03-5421-1114
Times? 5:00-10:00

Mizu no Uta Beer Court
Nice beer garden in Shinagawa.
Until? September 30th.
Station? Shinagawa (Takanawa exit)
All-you-can-drink? From 4000yen with 5 food items.
What drinks? Suntory Malts, Malts black, half and half, sours, wine, soft drinks.
A la carte? Beer from 750yen, food from 550yen.
Address? Keikyu Shopping Plaza Wing Takanawa 3F Garden Terrace, Takanawa 4-10-18, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5447-1717
Times? Weekdays 5:00-11:00, Weekends/Holidays 3:00-11:00

Vento Beer Garden
Beer garden near the Prince Hotel.
Until? October 31st.
Station? Shinagawa (Takanawa exit)
All-you-can-drink? With 8 food items from 3800yen (women), 4300yen (men).
A la carte? Beer, highballs etc from 650yen. Italian-style food.
Address? Keikyu Shopping Plaza Wing Takanawa West 1F, Takanawa 4-10-18, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5420-0522
Times? Mon-Fri 5:00-11:30, Sat 3:00-11:30, Sun/hol 3:00-11:00

Garden Cafe with Terrace Bar
Plush poolside bar.
Station? Shinagawa
All-you-can-drink? No
A la carte? Beer from 650yen
Address? Shinagawa GOOS 3F, Takanawa 3-13-3, Minato-ku
Phone? 03-5447-1151
Times? 10:00am-midnight


Ginza Matsuzakaya Lion Beer Garden Bakuyotei
Classic department store rooftop beer garden.
Until? Early September.
Stations? Ginza, Yurakucho
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with all-you-can-eat barbeque lamb 4500yen.
Address? Ginza Matsuzakaya Department Rooftop, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Times? Weekdays, Saturdays 4:00-10:00, Sundays 4:00-9:00.

New Tokyo Sukiyabashi Honten Beer Garden
Nice Ginza views on top of this building.
Stations? Ginza, Yurakucho
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with all-you-can-eat barbeque lamb and food bar 4500yen.
Address? New Tokyo Honten Rooftop, 2-2-3 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Times? Weekdays 5:00-11:00, Saturdays 4:00-11:00, Sundays/holidays 4:00-10:00

Starlight Garden (Nihombashi Takashimaya)
Classic department store rooftop beer garden.
Until? August 29th.
Station? Nihombashi.
All-you-can-drink? No.
A la carte? Asahi Super Dry regular 500yen, mega size 950yen. Also Bass Pale Ale, Hoegaarden, cocktails, wine, highballs, etc.
Address? Takashimaya dept. store rooftop, 2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3246-5534
Times? 4:00 to 9:00

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Beer Garden
Famous Tokyo department store beer garden.
Until? September 9th
Stations? Nihombashi, Mitsukoshimae
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with all-you-can-eat men 3601yen, women 3001yen.
What drinks? Beer, wine, whisky, highball, shochu, sours, soft drinks
Address? Mitsukoshi dept. store roof, Muromachi 1-4-1, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
Phone? 0120-354-585
Times? 5:30-9:30

Hibiya Saroh
Actually a garden in a park.
Stations? Hibiya, Yurakucho, Kasumigaseki, Ginza.
All-you-can-drink? Group party courses for 2 hours with food 5250yen.
A la carte? Various kinds of beer, drinks and food.
Address? Hibiya Park 1-1
Phone? 03-3591-2411
Times? 11:30-9:30

Budweiser Carnival Shimbashi
Salaryman central, with Budwesier girl waitresses.
Until? September 22nd
Stations? Shimbashi
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours 1365yen (for over 4 people).
A la carte? Budweiser from 635yen.
Address? Uchisaiwaicho 1-7-8, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3504-8111
Times? Mon-Sat 5:00-midnight.


Suidobashi Grand Hotel Beer Festa 2011
With Budweiser girl waitresses.
Until? 9th September
Station? Suidobashi
All-you-can-drink? No
A la carte? Beer from 650yen
Address? Suidobashi Grand Hotel 1F, 1-33-2 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3816-2101
Times? 5:30-9:30

Tokyo Dome Port Garden Terrace
Nice garden area at Tokyo Dome Hotel.
Until? September 19th
Stations? Kasuga, Korakuen, Suidobashi
All-you-can-drink? Party plan 2 hours with food 4300yen
A la carte? Beer from 600yen
Address? Rilassa, Tokyo Dome Hotel 3F
Phone? 03-5805-3160
Times? Weekdays 4:00-10:00, Weekends/holidays 12:00-10:00

Hilltop Hotel (Yamanoue Hotel) Beer Garden
A bit of a fancy beer garden.
Until? September 2nd
Stations? Ochanomizu, Shin-Ochanomizu, Jimbocho
All-you-can-drink? 90 mins with food course 5800yen
A la carte? Beer from 840yen
Address? 1-1 Surugadai, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3293-2838
Times? Weekdays 5:00-9:00

Josui Kaikan Garden Restaurant
Pretty cheap deal at this Hawaiian themed beer garden.
Until? September 16th
Station? Jimbocho
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours 2100yen.
A la carte? Drinks from 500yen.
Address? Hitotsubashi 2-1-1, Chiyoda-ku
Phone? 03-3261-1101
Times? 5:30-9:30 Weekdays.


Fukuoka Kaikan Restaurant Ami Beer Garden
Decent buffet at this summery beer garden.
Until? September 30th
Station? Hanzomon
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours 3980yen with all-you-can-eat Chinese, Japanese and Western buffet.
What drinks? Beer, sours, wine, shochu, soft drinks.
Address? Kojimachi 1-12, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3239-0470
Times? 5:00-9:00

Hotel Grand Arc Restaurant Patio Beer Terrace
Nice green patio here.
Until? September 30th
Stations? Hanzomon
All-you-can-drink? 2hours 3900yen with all-you-can-eat.
What drinks? Beer, wine, whisky, shochu, cocktails, soft drinks.
Address? Hayabusacho 1-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3288-1636
Times? 5:00-10:00

Yebisu Bar The Garden
All Yebisu here if you're sick of all the Super Dry elsewhere.
Station? Hanzomon.
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with 1 food item 2500yen.
What drinks? Yebisu draft, scotch highball, sours, orange juice, oolong tea.
Address? 2F Kasumigaseki Common Gate, 3-2-3 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03 5501 1121
Times? Weekdays 5:00-11:00. Closed weekends, holidays.


Tokyo Grand Hotel Restaurant Pensee One Coin Beer Garden
Hotel roof beer garden with 500yen food and drinks.
Until? September 30th
Stations? Shiba-Koen, Akabane, Hamamatsucho, Tamachi
All-you-can-drink? 90 mins with food course from 4000yen.
A la carte? Food and drinks 500yen
Address? Tokyo Grand Hotel 6F, Shiba 2-5-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3454-5245
Times? 5:30-9:00

Salute Takeshiba Beer Garden
Nice bay views here in a Hawaiian themed restaurant.
Until? September 22nd
Stations? Hamamatsucho, Takeshiba
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with food platter from 4000yen (for 4 or more people).
What drinks? Premium Malts beer, highballs, sours, cocktails, makgeolli, wine, soft drinks
Address? New Pier Takeshiba South Tower 3F, 1-16-1 Kaigan, Minatoku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5402-3042

Mori no Naka Beer Garden
Not cheap, but nice green hotel beer garden.
Until? September 30th.
Station? Onarimon.
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with various barbeque sets from 6500yen.
A la carte? Beer 800yen. Drink and food available.
What drinks? Kirin Ichiban, whiskey, sours, wine, sake, soft drinks.
Address? Garden Island, Prince Hotel Tokyo. 3-3-1 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3432-1147
Times? July, August 5:00-9:30, September 5:30-9:30.

Ueno Seiyoken Beer Garden
Good nomihodai deal with views of Ueno park.
Until? September 25th.
Station? Ueno
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours 2400yen.
What drinks? Draft beer, sours, summer cocktails, soft drinks.
Address? 4-58 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3821-2181
Times? 5:00-9:00

Seibu Ikebukuro Honten Rooftop Beer Terrace
Classic department store beer garden with hotpot cuisine.
Until? September 19th.
Station? Ikebukuro
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with nabe 3300yen.
Address? Rooftop 9F Seibu Department Store Ikebukuro Honten, 1-28-1 Minami-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5949-6841
Times? Weekdays 5:00-10:00, weekends 4:00-10:00

Pool Side Bar & Grill - Trader Vic's Outrigger (Hotel New Otani)
Have some cocktails by the pool and pretend you're on holiday.
Until? 4th September
Stations? Nagatacho, Akasaka-mitsuke, Kojimachi.
All-you-can-drink? No
A la carte? Beer from 900yen. Hawaiian/American food from 800yen.
Address? Kioicho 4-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3265-1111
Times? 11:00am-7:00pm, 7/29-9/3 Sat/Sun 11:00am-10:00pm

Thrush Cafe Happo-en Beer Terrace Buffet
Beer and buffet overlooking a park.
Until? August 31st
Station? Shirokanedai
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with food buffet 4500yen.
What drinks? Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold, soft drinks.
Address? Shirokanedai 1-1-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3443-3111
Times? 5:00-10:00. Closed 7/19, 8/8-8/19, 8/30.

Tokyo Sanuki Club Beer Garden
Nice garden here with a decent deal for groups.
Until? Mid October.
Station? Azabu-Juban
All-you-can-drink? From 2300yen for 2 hours (if over 5 people)
Address? Mita 1-11-9, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3455-5551
Times? Weekdays 6:00-10:00, weekends 5:30-10:00

Cafe California Terrace BBQ
Did you expect a beer garden at the Sheraton to be cheap?
Until? September 15th
Stations? Shirokanedai, Takanawadai, Shirokanetakanawa
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with BBQ 8200yen.
Address? Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo
Phone? 0120-95-6661
Times? 6:00-11:00

Arigatoh Kameido Beer Garden
This izakaya right in front of Kameido station has an rooftop beer garden area.
Station? Kameido
All-you-can-drink? No, but cheap drinks and food.
A la carte? Cheap yakitori (from 80yen), motsu, izakaya food. Beer from 430yen.
Address? Kameido Kaikan Building 7F, Kameido 2-20-7, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-5626-1194
Times? 4:00pm-1:00am

Toyosu Beer Garden Matsuri produced by Tsukiji Kizuna
Garden furniture and lanterns by the river.
Station? Toyosu
All-you-can-drink? With food 3600yen men, 3100yen women.
Address? NBF Toyosu Canal Front 1F, Toyosu 5-6-52, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-6221-3737
Times? 5:00-10:30

Kichijoji Daiichi Hotel Natsu no Fubutsushi Beer Garden
Bit of a terrace here on this hotel.
Until? August 31st
Station? Kichijoji
All-you-can-drink? No.
A la carte? Beer from 700yen, BBQ lamb sets from 1300yen.
Address? 2-4-14 Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino, Tokyo
Phone? 0422-21-2211
Times? Weekdays 5:30-9:30, Weekends 4:30-9:30

Beer Garden Five Stars
Nice views of Tachikawa.
Station? Tachikawa
All-you-can-drink? 2 hours with all-you-can-eat 3980yen.
What drinks? Beer, oolong-hai, sake, shochu, vodka, cassis, peach, sours
Address? Hotel Royal Authentic Tachikawa
Phone? 042-529-6911
Times? 4:00-10:00

Takao-san Beer Mount
After climbing Mount Takao, have some beers at the top.
Until? October 2nd
Station? Takao-san guchi.
All-you-can-drink? With all-you-can-eat. Men 3300yen, women 3000yen
Address? Mt. Takao Observatory. From Takao-san-guchi station, take the cable car up the mountain to Kiyotaki station.
Phone? 042-665-9943
Times? Weekdays 3:30-9:00, July/Sept weekends 2:00-9:00, Aug weekends 1:00-9:00

Tokyo Bay Norysosen (cruise)
Not actually a beer garden, but a fun booze cruise.
Until? September 25th.
Stations? Takeshiba passenger terminal. Closest stations are Takeshiba, Hamamatsucho or Daimon.
All-you-can-drink? With cruise & entertainment 2500yen. Food available separately.
What drinks? Beer, wines, sours, juice.
Address? Takeshiba Passenger Terminal, 1-16-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone? 03-3437-6119
Times? The boat leaves at 7:15 and 9:00 every night.

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