Sunday 23 April 2017

Alexa Dexa Japan Tour 2017

New York based artist Alexa Dexa is bringing her unique toychestral electronic pop solo project to Japan with her desk bells, baby grand toy piano, electronic beats and soulful voice. See her at Tokyo Gig Guide's Farm Party on the 28th!

24 April (Mon) Alexa Dexa, Chiharu Mitamura, Lunakate, Tsuji Shion
@ DUO Music Exchange, Shibuya

25 April (Tue) Alexa Dexa, HOWNOWMER (Australia), SHOKO, 神々のゴライコーズ
@ Basement Bar, Shimokitazawa

28 April (Fri) Alexa Dexa, Energish Golf, Barry Zogon Band, Youthmemory
@ Ruby Room, Shibuya

29 April (Sat) Alexa Dexa, Synth Sisters, Erb/Loriot, James Barrett + Masayo Hirota, Cranky Bhard
@ Imagination Pika Space, Osaka

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