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Fuji Rock Festival 2011 - recommended Japanese acts

There are lots of good Japanese artists to see at this year's Fuji Rock Festival, so fill the spaces on your schedule with some of these recommendations:


Amazing funky post-punk hip-hop duo who make great use of loop pedals.

sunny day service
Sokabe Keiichi's reformed 90s indie-pop band.

soul flower union
Hippies blending traditional Asian music styles with psych rock and jazz.

This fun pop-jazz-ska group will be on the huge White Stage this year.

Indie rock/pop band with hints of post-punk.

Classic music festival band - instrumental dub reggae.

Instrumental hardcore with prog and jazz displays of musicianship.

Actually pretty funky, for a funk band.

The Kingstompers
They play some decent ska mixed with calypso and latin grooves.

Little Creatures
A pop/rock band with some interesting ideas.

Asakusa Jinta
A rockabilly marching band incorporating 1930s Japanese styles.

A nice ambient way to start the day if you can get up to the Daydreaming stage by 10:00. Actually it will be a good place to chill out any time early in the day with DJ YOGURT and DORIAN also playing.

The Mokudotei stage will be a really fitting place in the forest to catch their sweet indie folk.


Arakajime kimerareta koibitotachie
Definitely try to check out this dub jam band.

Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden
Where else but Orange Court to see this post-rock prog free-jazz supergroup?

Hideki Kaji & Riddim Saunter
Indie-pop legend Hideki Kaji backed by pop group Riddim Saunter.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Another festival standard. Everyone will be dancing.

Smiley tropical indie-pop.

Interesting soulful pop.

Shonen Knife
I think this all-girl pop-punk band needs no introduction.

Leo Imai and Shutoku Mukai's (Zazen Boys) electronic post-punk duo.

This electro dance group will pull a huge crowd again for Red Marquee.

sunaga tatsuo (Sunaga t experience)
DJ playing jazzy and latin inspired electro lounge.

All-girl dark indie-rock quartet.

Some psychedelic post-rock at 3:am?

Try to make it up to the Daydreaming stage for this hip-hop DJ, and stick around for Yanenohara.

Rojo Regalo
Their cumbia-inspired afro-cuban showa rebel music will be good with some cocktails in the Café de Paris tent.

Takkyu Ishino
If you're still awake as sunset approaches, be sure to dance to this techno pioneer from Denki Groove.


YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra)
The absolute highlight of the festival will be these electronic music innovators.

Shugo Tokumaru
This eccentric indie-pop kid has graduated to the White Stage this year!

Try to catch this hardcore pop duo on the Rookie A Go-Go stage. Anther Rookie A-Go-Go band that might be worth catching is Yahchaika.

Will explode the Red Marquee with their loud post-rock screamo hardcore. There is more loudness to be experienced in the red tent with alternative rock band MO'SOME TONEBENDER.

eastern youth
Lots of punk energy in this indie-rock trio that has been playing together since the late 80s.

Your Song Is Good
And this ska pop band's songs are pretty good too.

Don your tie-dye for these festival stalwarts. If you enjoy this kind of thing, catch GOMA & THE JUNGLE RHYTHM SECTION and NABOWA on before them.

This eclectic Osaka DJ will keep things fun just before midnight in the Crystal Palace tent. He also plays in the morning up at Day Dreaming.

Drums and 2 synth dub jam band will play at the tiny Naeba Shokudo stage. Catch the super-eclectic EKD on before them.

At midnight, start dancing the night away with this groovy electro DJ.

Now, I wish I was going this year!

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Anonymous Lucy said...

I really hope you'll do this for this year's Fuji Rock. We are visiting for UK, and it is so hard to find out about Japanese acts.

7:24 am, May 30, 2012  

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