Sunday 15 July 2012

Fuji Rock Festival 2012 - Recommended Japanese Acts

There are a lot of good Japanese artists to see at this year's Fuji Rock. Here are some of my choices.

Friday 27th

I recommend dancing on Friday night to the dubstep of GOTH-TRAD in the Red Marquee.

For more good electronic music in the Red Marquee, catch eli walks.

Take the chairlift way up in the mountains to the peaceful and weird Day Dreaming and Silent Breeze stage where there is a great lineup of electronic and ambient music like moshimoss, Ametsub (DJ set), Dorian, Eccy and YAKENOHARA.

Enough electronic music? OK, down at Orange Court try to catch the wild instrumental nu-jazz of mouse on the keys.

More interesting stuff is happening over at the little Gypsy Avalon stage with the U-zhaan × mabanua percussion collaboration. On the same stage, you should also try to catch tonchi's experimental steel pan pop. At the tiny Naeba Shokudo stage, drink some nihonshu and trance out to SARATOGA.

For more famous stuff on the big stages, there's Boom Boom Satellites on the Green Stage or DJ Kentaro and Tha Blue Herb on the White Stage.

After 11pm on the Rookie A Go-Go stage outside the entrance, Gezan are sure to be crazy. For math rock, watch Ningen OK, or for something more low key, check out The Keys.

Saturday 28th

Don't miss the atmospheric quiet-loud post-rock of MONO with The Holy Ground Orchestra on the White Stage.

See SPECIAL OTHERS doing their jazzy pop jam on the Green Stage. For jam trance see ROVO on the White Stage.

Denki Groove will fill the Red Marquee with their well-loved techno at midnight. Meanwhile, KINGDOM☆AFROCKS will fill the Palace Of Wonder tent with their Japanese take on afrobeat.

Also around midnight, KINOCOHOTEL will be rocking the intimate Naeba Shokudo bar. Earlier in the day, MOUNTAIN MOCHA KILIMANJARO's funk will be well-suited to Orange Court.

The best band on the Rookie A Go-Go stage on Saturday night will be Yasei Collective.
KETTLES , Tam Tam and STERUSS might also be interesting.

Sunday 29th

There are plenty of good Japanese bands to see on Sunday. A definite highlight will be the theatrical avant jazz of Shibusashirazu Orchestra at Orange Court.
Graduating to the huge Green Stage, toe and their instrumental post-rock will pick things up after lunch.

Hikashu and guests calling themselves GOJIRA・HOSHANO・HIKASYU will bring their orchestral avant-pop to both Orange Court and Gypsy Avalon.

Red Marquee is where it's at on Sunday. If you can get up early enough, Lostage will blow away your hangover. After midnight, dance the night away with DJ BAKU, DE DE MOUSE + Drumrolls and Mop Of Head.

Just before midnight, try to break away from Radiohead or At The Drive-In to see group_inou's electro-hip-hop.

Late at night in the Palace Of Wonder tent, catch Matsuda "CHABE" Gakuji (Cubismo Grafico). At the same time, CHARAN-PO-RANTAN will bring their gypsy folk to the little Naeba Shokudo Stage. Go back to Palace Of Wonder at 3:30am for the bizarre MURASAKI BABY DOLL with JVC FORCE TYO performance. Also after midnight, Kyoto's bakebakebar and Fukuoka's macmanaman will be rocking on the Rookie A Go-Go stage.

On the hippy Gypsy Avalon and Field Of Heaven stages, catch the beautiful mellow pop of cero, the alternative rock of tricot and the nu-jazz/post-rock of jizue.

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